Workplace Wellness

breathe has been setting the bar for yoga, meditation, nutrition and wellness services in Rochester since 2002. We are now ready to bring these proven programs to your business environment to make your employees healthier and happier.

We offer lectures on a variety of topics from meditation, nutrition, and all aspects of wellness. Plan your lectures one at a time or in a 3-class series. We also offer full or half-day leadership immersions in our studio. Please submit the inquiry below and someone will be in touch with you about your business wellness needs.

Wayne Sellers — CEO and Founder of Experiential Holdings
"Although she is the creator of the Breathe Yoga brand and the leader of its vibrant community, engaging with Cyndi as she led us through her Immersion Day program felt more like peer to peer interaction than teacher to student instruction. Cyndi did a fantastic job outlining the benefits of practicing mindfulness and left us with a solid understanding of why, how and when to incorporate yoga, meditation and healthy eating practices into our busy schedules. It has been 7 months since my Immersion Day with Cyndi, and I'm still going strong with an almost daily yoga practice plus regular meditations throughout the week. I feel like a different person...or maybe I'm just me again."

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